So ive been replaying psychonauts… again. And I got up to the boss fight in sasha’s brain and

at the last target thing it glitched out, and WOULDNT let me shoot it. i died, of course. But it didnt… process? The other signs came back, and could NOT be shot at ALL, like, standing there shooting over and over, while the giant censor was just standing there, ENDLESSLY REABSORBING the small ones. Meanwhile my health had vanished, replaced with only the life counter.

And then suddenly raz died five goddam times, kicking me out of the level completely.

Looks at Sasha suspiciously. 

you… you feeling okay? Agent Nein?



Learning languages with Sokolov and Piero

different parts of the Isles have different dialects that mean different things, and Piero isn’t particularly good at any of them.

There’s a nostalgic joy I feel whenever I scribble out one of these little situations that Luc and I dream up. It reminds of me of one of my finer memories of adolescence, scribbling out silly comics that my friends and I would write. It was a way for me to reach out to people and make people smile, which was important to a depressive little teenager

I like to think the art is (marginally) better but as long as it keeps making people laugh i’ll keep doodling them ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛

<333 Piero has a talent for languages, but a holdover from his past is an ATROCIOUSLY thick dunwall accent. I’m pretty sure his ASL has an accent, somehow. 

Also these make me terribly happy <33