friendlytroll said: same! Its really upsetting and honestly also boring! Its more fun to have equal friends who both mess up and both have to handle consequences who genuinely like and care for each other.

yeah!! and shows like catdog generally have some BS “nice” moments where they’re all “awww I could never hate you, you’re my best friend!! :)” when the responsible character literally should have no reason at all to like the lazy jerk that’s screwing them over all the time

I always feel like ed edd and eddy did a lot better in that way- all three of them were active participants in their goofy schemes, usually whoever was being a jerk is who faced the consequences, who was driving the goofy plan would change, and in the Movie finale, Eddy being selfish a lot was actually addressed!

Wander Over Yonder is an even better example tho. Sylvia has a more level head, and Wander is a goofus, but they both love and support the crazy HECK out of each other, and never put the other person before themselves. 

Also neither of them is ‘the smart one’. Frankly, Im a lil tired of ‘The smart one/the dumb one’ dyanmics in cartoons. You gotta have moreeee then thaaaat


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aussied asked:

Hey dude, I know ya probably don't know me, but I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry if you've felt attacked over the last couple of days. I haven't seen the video everyone's talking about, but I've heard about it, and I'm glad that you wrote up an explanation about what happened before and after the footage. That'll probably help people! Anyway, it's not really fair that you got such crazy backlash for it. I hope at least some people were calm about expressing their thoughts :c Take care!

Ha-aaaaaave….. everyone been talking about it? To be honest, no one besides that one person has ever contacted me about it, and I’m not really someone who browses tags on tumblr, so if there’s been a big thing over it, I super wouldn’t know. 

For the record, the footage was three seconds of him saying ‘I’m a pretty bird!’ in a very silly voice. He also laughed when I was done recording it, and we chatted about the show breifly. So I think people kind of projected onto the fact that the lighting was SO DIM and he had his arms crossed.

BUT I didn’t properly get his permission to put it up on tumblr. u.u I shouldn’t have posted it, but I thought it was silly and cute, and made an error. I got the gold star of Good Fanitude for takin’ it down from a friend with grace, so hopefully I handled it okay. 

If people are still upset otherwise, I don’t think there’s an awful lot I can do for em. He was a big sweetie, and the whole group were very nice and talkative to all the fans, with no hesitation or unease. Heck, Commander was all apologetic because his voice was a little rough, and he was worried the show would suffer for it. 

But thanks for being concerned for me. In the moment, I had been super panicky about it… sometimes I feel like I don’t really ‘belong’ in the fandom. It’s so well established, and I just got into it through the show. So it’s really sweet that someone I don’t know wanted to look out for me. <3